6P programme update

6P programme update
by NIRU SHAATHVEGAN - Friday, 23 July 2021, 3:08 PM

Dear friends,

We hope that this message finds you and your family in good health and that you are finding ways to cope with the current unusual challenge.  

First of all, we'd like to apologise for taking so long to write an update. Things have been crazy-busy over here, and you know how it goes!

We are really excited to share some of the things that have been taking place within the project, particularly the emergence of the new voluntary based ’’Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP Network)’’.

Oak’s long term financial support to the 6P programme ended at the end of November 2020 and the last year was transformative for the OAK - Child to Child 6P Child Rights Organisational Capacity Development programme. 


...Reviewing our journey

Many of you will remember that the Six Principles (6P) Capacity Development Programme started its work in 2014 with the aim of supporting organisations working in the field of child abuse to better apply six child rights-based principles in their work … both what they aimed to achieve, and how they went about their work. At the beginning of the programme organisations had the opportunity to do an assessment … how well equipped are we in fulfilling our responsibilities to apply each of the principles, and to start the process of thinking about what the principle would look like if it was being fully applied in the organisation’s work. Equipped with this information, organisations were then able to identify what capacity development needed to be undertaken in order for their organisations to fully able to meet their responsibilities to apply the principles in a way that was appropriate to the work they were undertaking.  

In Phase 2 of the Capacity Development Programme participating organisations collaborated  as a “Community of Practice”) in the development of a portfolio of training resources, including online “e-learning” courses making use of case studies and situations experienced in their work.

In Phase 3 of the programme the Community of Practice collaborated in the development of an “Open Access” introduction to the six principles and their application, a series of online “e-learning” courses that could be used by an organisation new to the application of child rights principles to start their own journey to align their work with international child rights standards. 

During the Phase 4 of the programme, the OAK Foundation supported the 6P CoP to establish an independent sustainable governance mechanism for the 6P programme and its vibrant Community of Practice network. The Community of Practice has come together as an entity in its own right, and coordinated by 12 organisation’s working as a “steering committee” has explored sustainable models to support existing members of the Community of Practice, but also to support new organisations to progress in their journey to develop the organisational capability to apply the principles.


The latest achievement…

The steering committee members had strong commitment and desire to take this 6P programme forward and, after considering several models, they unanimously decided to take the shape of an ‘‘informal network’’ - Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP Network) that would operate on a voluntary basis and the steering committee members will take turns in managing and administering the CRP platforms and resources for a period of 12 months.

This option will bring the committed individuals and the respective organisations together to contribute to achieving the objectives of the 6P programme.

After consideration of the potential burden of financial and management responsibilities the steering committee decided not to register the network as an official organisation. In addition, since the donors and grant giving programmes have quite specific requirements and targeted specific regions, it was felt that binding the CoP members through an officially registered new organisation would not open more access to wider funding opportunities but would more likely have the effect of restricting access to the certain country or a region.  

The Committee believes that being able to freely partner with each other in different initiatives through the informal 6P network will help the CoP to grow and continue to promote the need for ensuring the respect of children's rights in all activities with and for children.


The next step…

The Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP Network) will be a membership-based network open to interested organisations and individuals.

Initially, the steering committee members will be signing up to a ’’memorandum of understanding’’ to regularise the cooperation between the member organisations which have decided to collaborate in promoting worldwide Community of Practice. 

We will be sending out another more detailed message about the opportunities that the ’’Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP Network) will provide for you, your organisation, partners and beyond and an invitation link to all CoP members to join the network.

We’re really looking forward to reconnecting with you!

Keep well and stay safe!

6P team