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Login Process
by Peter Dixon - Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 1:39 PM

Hi everyone,

A quick note to alert you to a couple of things that you / your colleagues might experience when logging in to the 6Principles platform.

First is that you may find that when you next log in you are taken to your profile page and asked to identify your organisation from a drop down menu. We should clarify .. this isn't because we've forgotten who you are working with (!) but it's so that for new people undertaking the courses which become available we can easily keep a record of who they work for.  

The second thing that you might experience results from the changes we had to undertake with regard to data protection policy. We are aware that for some users there may be difficulty following the prompt to read the data protection policy when you log into the site as it's on the course platform, and you have to have logged in before you can read it.

We hope that Moodle will correct this bug quickly, and it seems to be possible just to enter the course without reading the policy for Community of Practice members who are already members so its shouldn't affect your own use as established members. If you do have problems, please don't hestitate to contact one of us using the course messages or via admin@crp-6principles.net There is a link to the Data Protection Policy on the front page and for your convenience we've attached a copy here.

best wishes to all,