Site Alterations

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Site Alterations
by Peter Dixon - Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 4:28 PM

Hi All, 

As you will recall, we upgraded the software for the 6Principles Site late last year and transferred our server to the UK. We're very happy with it, but in the process some of the materials on the site became corrupted and could no longer be accessed. These included proceedings and resources / materials from the workshops and Task groups in Phase 1 of the Project. 

We've now found a way around these problems, and whilst we still can't access them on the Resource Toolkit and Community of Practice site, they can be accessed on a new module called Archive Workshops and Task Groups (available on the list by clicking on "My Modules) or by clicking on the new "Archive" tile at the top of the HOME page (also see below).

All of the Community of Practice members have been enrolled to this module and so should be able to access it.