CRB/BI task groups to meet in Leiden, the Netherlands 21-23 February!

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CRB/BI task groups to meet in Leiden, the Netherlands 21-23 February!
by Annabel Trapp - Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 11:40 AM

Hi everyone,

For those of you not directly involved, you might have seen in the February Newsletter that the the CRB and BI task groups will be meeting together next week to strengthen existing collaboration to develop online training content on the CRB and BI principles. We are all very excited by this opportunity!

To initiate our workshop, we will begin by considering and reflecting on how the 6P programme fits within the current global policy framework, especially in relation to the SDGs. Many thanks Smiljana for already sharing some excellent resources on the SDGs and HR. If you also have information / ideas/ comments to add to this discussion, please access this link!

During the workshop we will be developing a '6P Scenario', to demonstrate the application of the 6P in a hypothetical context; inform exercises undertaken in the 6P online resources, and help course participants work through and analyse a complex problem presented in the online course. Jude has shared some very interesting examples from his own organisation which you can see here and here. Many thanks, Jude! These are great :-) If you have anything that you would also like to add to these conversations, please do!

We look forward to telling you about our meeting and sharing the CRB and BI online training resources with you in due course. 

Warm wishes, 

6P Team