Platform Update

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Platform Update
by Peter Dixon - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 10:50 AM

Dear Community of Practice Members,

Thanks for your patience (and forgiveness !) over the past few weeks as we have moved materials around on the 6 Principles Programme Website. In this update we'll highlight some of the key changes, and also let you know about other developments being planned.

1. Resources: These have now been re-arranged and are now available in language based databases. You will find on the site a Resource Directory for English Language materials here, and for Bulgarian language materials here. If you have resources that you think would be of use to Community of Practice members please let us know. Click on the "Submit Resources" forum to send the resource and description to the moderator group and we'll organise its inclusion. We presently have two languages available .. one for English Language and one for Bulgarian Language resources and will start new databases for other languages when they are submitted.

2. Glossaries: As you have read in the newsletter, we have started the process of building glossaries of key terms used in the 6 Principles Capacity Programme. The English language glossary is available here, and others will be added when Translators Without Borders complete the work and we've had an opportunity to cross check with the Languages task group. Please do make use of these glossaries, and if you have any suggestions / comments on the ways in which words/terms are defined and used make use of the "comments" function. This will assist the community to develop better understanding of the meaning and use of the terms.

3. Task Groups: We have included links to the task groups that have been formed so that members can have a quick link to their working space. These will only be fully open to task group members at the present time. 

4. Courses: You will see reference on the site to a section on Courses that is "under development". This section  will be used to provide access to online, self study courses which can be used by organisations participating in the Capacity Development Project. Courses will be created in collaboration with task groups, starting with the Child Rights Based Principle, followed by the Best Interests Principle. We are aiming to make some of these available for piloting by the end of the year.

We do hope that you find these developments useful, and will always be interested to have your feedback and thoughts as to ways to improve the site,

Best wishes from the CtC team, 

Annabel, Peter, Philippa and Niru