This category provides a virtual space for a Toolkit of resources and a Community of Practice to support the implementation of the 6 Principles of Child Rights Programming.

Archive Workshop resources

Platform for the development of Courses to support the application of the 6 principles 

This section contains materials and resources to support the implementation of the Oak Foundation Guiding Principles. Resources are managed in "Glossaries" (add image) and arranged by Principle. They are also assigned "categories" and "tags" to enable sorting according to the type of use to which they will be put, and to enable more specific searching respectively.

The section also functions as a platform for a Community of Practice in which forum discussions and group activities associated with the further development of resources and tools to support the implementation of the 6 Principle can be hosted

Home site for Grantees joining the OAK Foundation / Child to Child Capacity Building Project in Year 2 (also known as "Cohort 2")

This site provides a common platform for "Cohort 2" participants to access resources and engage in discussions / community of practice activities.